Outdoor Advertising Products

Street Kiosks

Street Kiosks are usually located in the densely populated center city: downtown, retail, financial, and entertainment districts..  These kiosks usually have multiple sides to allow for various advertisers.  They provide eye-level views for pedestrians, but are also highly visible by vehicles passing by.



Kiosks can be free standing, or they can be attached to other forms.  These include Telephone Kiosks, Newspaper Stand Kiosks, Bike Rack Kiosks, Public Restroom Kiosks, etc.

Digital Kiosks are also available in certain area.


street kiosk advertising placements 

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Advantages to Outdoor Advertising
  • Can't be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored
  • Works continually day and night
  • Has a high reach and frequency
  • Eliminates wasted Circulation
  • Creates and maintains a highly visible company image
  • Quickly builds brand awareness
  • Provides your company presence in your competitor's market area
  • Easy to plan and produce for immediate impact
  • Directs consumers to your business