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Truckside advertising consists of advertising on the sides and back of delivery trucks.  These could be used on the smaller box trucks in a local area, or on the large semi-trucks that criss-cross the entire country. Some trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing you to pinpoint your messages at any moment.  


Truckside broadens the reach of a national, regional, or local campaign; add variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a stand alone campaign. Advertisers also turn to truckside advertising to penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.


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Advantages to Outdoor Advertising
  • Can't be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored
  • Works continually day and night
  • Has a high reach and frequency
  • Eliminates wasted Circulation
  • Creates and maintains a highly visible company image
  • Quickly builds brand awareness
  • Provides your company presence in your competitor's market area
  • Easy to plan and produce for immediate impact
  • Directs consumers to your business